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Charlotte Falckh

Lottie Falckh is the youngest of our Oxley Outfitters sponsored riders for Victoria. 

Lottie has been riding since she was 18 months old and her horses are her whole world. 
Lottie has won many champions, placings at Royal and HOTY shows and qualified for SHCA Grand Nationals on numerous occasions. 
Lottie has a hands on part in the Oxley Family as she helps develop new products to suit little riders like her. 
Pictured on her Merivale Park Living Doll at SHCA Grand Nationals trialing her designed Oxley Outfitters extra grip gloves. We aim to have this line available for purchase mid to end of 2021.
Lottie wears her Oxley Outfitters extra grip or Airmesh gloves when training and competing. She also wears the Oxley Outfitters Genuine Leather Gloves in the ring on cooler days.

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