Our story

Where it all began

"In Spring 2013 I stood on the green fields of a property in Main Ridge, with a little grey pony on the end of the lead that Sophie was riding, Stephanie & Lottie around my ankles playing. It was at that moment my ideas and hope for an Equestrian brand for the future had a name Oxley Outfitters was born" 

Strong foundation

"I am a firm believer in family & together supporting each other we can accomplish anything - it is this belief that Oxley Outfitters was to be built on a firm foundation of trust, excellent customer service, innovative and quality products. I strive to give all of our clients a sense of belonging, we see each and everyone of you and we are your biggest fans"

My thoughts

"I have no interest in chasing the fashion trends, I want to create products that are innovative & make the wearer feel amazing"

"Our products are made to be worn & lived in. As horse riders we live in our equestrian clothing day in and day out, everything we design has to be able to be worn in every aspect of our everyday lives"


Its a lifestyle

"Horses run through my veins. My whole life has been based around the horses in one way or another and I couldn't think of anything better. It's not just a passion: it's my life"

" I am so lucky to share that passion with my family & friends on a daily basis"

Those around me are my Muse

"I am my own client in many way's - I design products for myself and my children, the riders around me are who I gain advice, opinions & inspiration from"

More than a brand

"Oxley Outfitters is more than just a equine clothing brand - it's a brand created by horse riders, for horse riders in every equine discipline - its a brand built from family, that gives its wearers a sense of belonging."

Renee XOXO